Meeting in the Heart of Kobe !

Conference Venue

The meeting 2020 will be held in ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Kobe.

The ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel is located in the foot of Mt. Rokko with 37 stories tall. The nearest train station is Shin Kobe station, which is dedicated for the bullet train. It takes 2 hours and 50 minutes from Tokyo station by Nozomi super express train. The meeting will be held on From 1st to 3rd of November.

Registration Fee

Medical Doctor: 15.000 JPY

Co-Medical: 5.000 JPY

Company related: 15.000 JPY

感染予防のため、受付では参加登録料のお支払いはお受けいたしません。PayPalでの事前登録、Paypal またはStripeでの後日のお支払いが可能です。事前のお支払いは下記よりお願いいたします。領収書は後日、PDFファイルでお送りいたします。



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