Slender Spring Virtual Meeting 2020 

Virtual meeting submission guideline

  For those of you who have been looking forward to the slender club general meeting in Kobe that has been postponed. Why don't you present your research on slender PCI, information about human enemies-coronavirus, and video messages (updates) in a virtual slender meeting. Please send videos (MP4, MOV format ), slides (PPTX, PDF), still images (JPEG, TIFF, PNG) etc. within 8MB. We would also appreciate if you could attach a commentary in PDF format. Please refer to the posting example. For presentations that include patinets’ information, please follow the guidelines for handling personal information in medical presentations in your facility. Please post by e-mail (slenderclubjapan2020@gmail.com) with title, affiliation, and authors’ name are in both Japanese and English . There is a limit on the capacity of the rental server. In the case of a large number of applicants, the decision to accept or reject is made by the Slender Club Virtual Meeting 2020 Executive Committee. The deadline is April 9th. We look forward to your contribution.

Synposium 0 (message from members)

Slender Club Japan - Distal Radial Aproach National Survey 2020 January


Synposium 1 (corona virus prevention)

Set up a tent for patients with high fever


Synposium 2 (distal radial approach)

DRA Anatomy: Dr Kiemeneij


DRA puncture: Dr Matsukage


DRA Hemostasis: Dr Matsukage


DRA: prevention of post procedual occlusion: Dr Kawamura


Impact of dedicated hemostasis device for distal radial arterial access with an adequate hemostasis protocol on radial arterial observation by ultrasound: Dr Kawamura


image of radial artery and nerve wiht 22 MHz probe


punctuere for the distal radial artery


Primary PCI with distal radial approach I


Primary PCI with distal radial approach II


Primary PCI for Occluded LMT

Vol 1

Vol 2

Vol 3


Synposium 3 (acute coronary syndrome)

Synposium 4 (myocarditis, cardiomyopathy)

Synposium 5 (chronic total occlusion)

Synposium 6 (peripheral vascular disease)

Synposium 7 (calcified lesion)

Synposium 8 (bifurcation lesion)

Synposium 9 (stent)

Synposium 10 (DCB)

Synposium 11 (assist device)

Synposium 12 (miscellaneous)

Reduction of Radiation Exposure: Mr Iwasaki


Slender PMI:Mr Yamamoto

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