Greeting from the president in 2020

A. Takahashi M.D.
Sakurakai Takahashi Hospital

It is a great pleasure and honor to greet you for the Slender Club Japan annual meeting and live demonstration 2020.

The Aim of Slender Club, as we all recognize, is to convey the idea of minimally invasive treatment in the field of coronary intervention, where the patients were originally treated with catheters with large bore size through the groins. After the several series of unofficial meetings, the first general assembly of the Slender Club Japan was held at a humble small room in an old buiding at Nishi-Shinjuku in Tokyo in 2007. After this meeting, along with growing dominance of the transradial intervention, the idea of "slender" was rapidly spread for the many interventionists in Japan, and achieved eminent success. By now, the Slender Club Japan has conducted several multicenter trials to demonstrate the advantage of the slender device and procedure. Further, with the tremendous effort of Dr. Kiemeneij and Dr. Saito, the Slender Club Europe was established in 2013 and the first meeting was held in the Netherland with a great success. Now, the idea of "slender" spread throughout the world with the Japan-made slender devices.

Now, the slender PCI is in the edge of the new era, since the novel distal radial access was developed in 2017. Although a paucity of data was published so far, this new approach site is considered to contribute further reduction of the access site complications including hemorrhage and radial artery occlusion. In fact, all procedures conducted in the last Slender Club Japan meeting in 2019 including 4 CTO cases were achieved through distal radial approach without any vascular complication. Further, in the meeting, we discussed so many issues over this new approach site. We hope next SCJ meeting will convey new information and will spread this technique to the interventional cardiologist throughout the world.

This time, following the last annual meeting, we are planning a series of live demonstration with slender approach and a variety of cutting edge lectures regarding slender PCI and recently developed devices. We are also planning a civic forum that aims to deepen the understanding of the treatment of heart disease for the general public.

We hope the upcoming meeting will provide great experience for your carrier as an interventionist or medical staff.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Kobe, where Beautiful autumn leaves in the Rokko mountain of Kobe will welcome you all.

Akihiko Takahashi MD



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